Mario, Pikachu And Kratos Skin-Tight Fetish Suits

January 22, 2013


Remember that Totoro skin-tight fetish suit? Well it turns out there's a ton more where that came from. The company Milanoo sells a bunch of different characters (and even more straight up weird ones) and I just spent fifteen minutes looking through them all and each page seemed even creepier than the one before. I'm only posting a couple more after the jump, but you can go to their website and scroll through all twenty pages of them if you really want to solidify your place in your IT guy's mind as company pervert numero uno.

Hit the jump for the yes, I did break down and buy the NASA astronaut one I posted at the end.





Thanks to PYY, who agrees I am going to look FIRST CLASS in that astronaut bodysuit playing kinky space ranger.

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