Map Of US And Canada With One Dot Per Person

January 15, 2013


This is a map of the United States and Canada (click for the website with a zoomable version) that has a dot for every person living in the two countries during the 2010 and 2011 Censuses. How many dots is that? Try over 60,000. Way over 60,000, because it's 341,817,095. That is a lot of dots. Think about this: if all those dots were part of a giant connect-the-dot puzzle, and you connected a dot every second, it would take 341,817,094 seconds. "But what is that in years?" Why, are you actually going to make that big of a connect-the-dots? "Well, no." THEN WHO CARES? "It's because you suck at math, isn't it?" Of course it's because I suck at math, you think I wouldn't want to look smart in front of all my friends if I could? Fine, it's almost 11 years. My roommate heard me crying and did the math for me because he felt bad. Probably because he let my cat out again and hasn't told me yet.

x x x x x x

Those are the x's I used to prove to myself it takes one less second than the number of dots you have to complete a connect-the-dots if you're connecting one dot every second. Just kidding, they're kissies!

Thanks to Melissa, who has been sending me tips since like, before you were even a dot on that map. Hoho! (I'm not sure if that was a burn but we're gonna count it anyways)

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