Manly Tears Were Shed: Terminally Ill Star Trek Fan Got To See 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Five Months Early

January 4, 2013


41-year old New Yorker Daniel is a huge Star Trek fan. He's also been battling leukemia for the last three years and only has weeks to live due to an aggressive tumor. *fighting back tears* And, just like a knight in shining armor wearing a jetpack, one of Daniel's friends posted a plea for his buddy on Reddit, where it was brought to the attention of JJ Abrams and Paramount. And what did they do? Arranged a private screening of the most recent cut of the film for Daniel and his wife on December 30th. :')

Daniel apparently had a very big smile on his face for the entire movie, something which understandably hasn't happened very often over the past few years of treatment.

You know, maybe there's hope for mankind after all. Unless aliens wipe out all of humanity in the movie, in which case maybe not. Those movies are real you know. "No, they're not." Oh I'm sorry, is it 2259 already? Into brightness, Daniel.

Thanks to Mnemosyne, mother of the nine muses with Zeus. I learned that watching Jeopardy.

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