Man Sits In Glass Box While Polar Bear Tries To Eat Him

January 8, 2013


I didn't touch your porridge, I swear!

This is a video of filmmaker Gordon Buchanan sitting in a little plexiglass box while an 8-foot, half ton polar bear tries to find its way in to maul and eat him. Come on, you could have at least loosened some of the bolts to give it a fighting chance. Buchanan says it was the scariest 40-minutes of his life, although in the footage he seems surprisingly calm. I dunno, maybe Gordon just hasn't gotten very scared in the past. Because if you filmed the scariest 40-minutes of my life there would be shit EVERYWHERE. Like a septic tank exploded, if every time a septic tank exploded it cried and begged for its mom.

Hit the jump for another shot and a video of the last thing a seal ever sees.


Thanks to Bri, who once sat in little glass box while a turtle slowly circled her hoping for a piece of lettuce. I would have fainted!

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