Man Finds 11-Lb, $300K Gold Nugget w/ Metal Detector

January 17, 2013


A prospector in Victoria, Australia, unearthed a 177oz (~11-lb) gold nugget he found using nothing but a metal detector (oh yeah? Well I found gold using nothing but a pan and my own two eyes!). The gold itself is worth just under $300,000 by weight, but the piece will likely be sold for significantly more due to it's unique nature. Man, why couldn't I have been the one to find a giant gold nugget? You know how much different my life would be like if that had been me? "The exact but with a replica of the golden idol from 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' on your mantle?" Haha, yeah. Maybe break down and get myself a microwave too.

Hit the jump for a video of brobro showing the thing off.

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who I invited on a gold-prospecting trip this weekend but in reality we're just going to get super drunk and sing sounds real loud.

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