Live Giant Squid Captured On Film For The First Time

January 8, 2013


Using a manned submersible, a group of scientists recently captured footage of a nearly 60-foot long giant squid in its natural habitat for the first time. The video is going to be shown on the Discovery channel January 27th and I'm already predicting it will be the most watched television program OF ALL TIME. "You're a terrible predictor." :/ I bet my house Notre Dame was going to beat Alabama by 4,000 points last night.

Hit the jump for a zoomier-outier shot.


Thanks to Kevin V, Mnemosyne, Lio and Claymation Lover Evil Ares ARGGGG, who convinced me to post this even though the video isn't available yet so that I have something to remind me to post it again when it is. Think of this article as a little piece of string tied around my finger.

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