It's Eating Meeeee: Giant Monster Mouth Inspired Chair

January 23, 2013


This is the Moyee Monster Chair created by designer Jason Goh. It's based on a lie his grandmother use to tell him to get him to stop playing with his food. Ha -- being lied to by your family: it's inspirational.

...when designer Jason Goh would play with his food as a child (his favorite being fish balls), his grandma came up with a scary fish ball monster story to deter him. She said that if he kept playing the fish balls would turn into a big hairy monster and eat him up! Bringing the story to life, this monstrous Moyee chair inspires play in kids and adults alike.

God I just wanna curl up in that so bad. It's like a pillow fort that will never collapse on you. And a pillow fort that will never collapse on you-- "Is like a castle!" What? No, it's nothing like a castle you crazy person. Not even the stupidest little pig would try building a castle out of pillows. Do your parents even know you're on the internet?

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including Jason sitting in the thing and a little cartoon of his inspiration.




Thanks to Becca, who made some reference to the vagina couch I posted a while back. Thanks for that, really.

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