Iron Man Gauntlet With Pop-Up Burning Laser Blaster

January 21, 2013


This is the homemade laser blaster Iron Man gauntlet crafted by laser lover Patrick Priebe. I don't know about you, but I would totally wear that. Probably to school and get suspended.

Full metal gauntlet, runs on 1x 18650 plus 2x 14500 Li Ion cells. 2 blue lasers on board, 1.2W each, plus 2 4mW for aiming.

Unfortunately, Patrick doesn't offer any schematics or blueprints if you want to build your own, so I'll probably wind up blinding myself in the process. *shaking fist* You did this to me, Patrick! "I'm over here." Oh, VERY FUNNY.

Hit the jump for a video demo of the gauntlet in action.

Thanks to killahertz, who went on and on about how much he loves lasers even though I know for a fact he doesn't own any and is just a poser.

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