Interactive Panorama From Top Of World's Tallest Building

January 29, 2013


Note: This is just a picture, and there's a video tour after the jump but the link to the actual interactive panorama is HERE.

Photographer Gerald Donovan went and created a 360-degree panorama from atop the Burj Khalifa, the world's currently tallest building. No single picture can really do it justice though, so I suggest you go pan and zoom around the thing to really appreciate it. It's hard to believe it's even real. It looks like something straight out of SimCity. "It looks nothing like SimCity -- stop talking about things you don't know about." OMG I'm sorry, for a second there I totally forgot THIS IS THE INTERNET. "Did you just..." Sass your pants off? Nice novelty Christmas boxers, do your laundry.

Hit the jump for a video tour if you're afraid the 2.6GB panorama will bring your computer to its knees.

Thanks to Ashton, who wants to see a panorama of the earth's core. Hell yeah, lava monsters!

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