I Want Those: Reebok's Nipple-Soled All Terrain Shoes

January 24, 2013


These are Reebok's ATV19+. First of all, that's a terrible name for a shoe. When I own a pair and anyone asks what they are I'm going to tell them, 'WTF do they look like -- they're Nipple brand Moon Boots!' Then do a little parkour action so they know I mean serious business.

aiming to capture the essence of an all-terrain vehicle, reebok has collaborated with UFC fighter rampage jackson to introduce the 'ATV 19+' training shoe. featuring irregular lugs, rugged overlays, a padded tongue and supportive collar for protection and comfort, the footwear implements high-speed stability and elevated traction with its distinctive design.

The shoes launch next month and I can't wait to get my hands feet in some. I'm gonna be the coolest kid in my neighborhood! "You will still be a dork." Hey -- you know that saying, 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?' Well I'm going to break all your bones with a stick now.

Hit the jump for two closeups of the nipply sole.



Thanks to The_Juice, not to be confused with The_Kool-Aid, which i suggest we all drink on the count of three so we can begin our new lives as immortal space travelers.

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