I Needed That: Two And A Half Minutes Of Segway Fails

January 22, 2013


This is a video compilation of people sucking at riding Segways. This little girl here ran into a wall and then proceeded to run herself over. I imagine she cried after that. Not because it hurt, but because that's like, REALLY embarrassing. If I ever got run over by own Segway I'd probably never show my face in public again. "You shouldn't anyways." Is my face really that bad? "Let's just say there should be a court order that you have to wear a bag over it." Wow -- paper or plastic? "Plastic, definitely." Good call, I'll cinch it real tight around my neck and pretend it's a space helmet.

Hit the jump and sit back, relax, and be glad you aren't any of these people.

Thanks to Clark, who told me he went on a Segway tour once and they made him wear a helmet but he didn't buckle it because he didn't want to look TOO goofy.

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