I Have Zero: Advanced Boyfriend Achievement Badges

January 17, 2013


Remember the first series of boyfriend achievement badges created by Etsy seller BoyfriendBadges? Well now there's an advanced achievement set for when your relationship gets even seriouser. "Seriouser isn't a word." But you knew what I meant? "Yes." Soooo... "But you're butchering the language." Please, text-talking killed it, not me. If anything I'm trying to hump it back from the brink of extinction.

This set includes (from top left to bottom right): Road Trip Survival, Close Encounters with the Ungroomed Kind, Forget and Forgive, Conquista-Drawer, Key Swap, and Open Door Policy.

I'm not really sure what 'Close Encounters with the Ungroomed Kind' is supposed to mean, but from the look of the badge it means you turned into a werewolf. An important stage in any relationship.

Thanks to Mark, who agrees the Open Door Policy for the bathroom should not exist because that's nasty and can be a relationship ruiner.

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