Huh?: 'Anti-Loneliness' Soup Bowl With iPhone Holder

January 22, 2013


This is the 'Anti-Lonliness Ramen Bowl' by MisoSoupDesign. It's supposed to ward off loneliness by providing you with a friend. In this case, your iPhone. My phone is probably my best friend too. Aren't you, little guy? Phoney? Dammit, where'd he run off to this time? *finds him in the bathtub with a toaster* Noooooooooo! So yeah, a phone holder that drastically increases the risk of dropping your phone into a bowl of hot soup. COUNT ME IN. *returning phone to Apple store* Yeah, it's weird -- it just stopped working one day. "It smells like shrimp." Even weirder!

Hit the jump for one more shot in case you were wondering what the bowl might look like in black (do I know you or do I know you?!)


Thanks to me, who can be a real jerk sometimes but overall is a FAIRLY decent dude.

  • Laurent Maulin

    Obviously, they don't know what to invent any more, ingeneering is getting sick lol
    HTC M4

  • Mister Cerberus

    I'm going to put my expensive electronic screen perilously close to the most splatter-prone food in the world.

    I'm a genius.

  • That bowl is so depressing. Perhaps they should make them large enough so you can drown yourself in it.

  • Maybe_someday

    I'm sorry Mac. It is just another BS product to make you look even more stupid.

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