Highly Questionable: Fan Morphs All Batman Actor's Faces Together To Create The 'Perfect' Face Of Batman

January 2, 2013


This is the hybrid face shot Redditor morphinapg made by morphing the faces of Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale together to create the "perfect" face of Batman. You may have noticed I put perfect in quotation marks. That's because it looks like Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho if Patrick Bateman had realized the whole serial killer thing wasn't for him and settled down and got married and had some kids and got depressed. Still, he REALLY wants to stab whoever's holding the camera. Also, my perfect Batman would have way poutier lips.

Thanks to wilmersama, who is literally like, THE perfect wilmersama. I wouldn't change a thing, seriously.

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