Guy Makes Full Set Of Daedric Armor From Skyrim

January 18, 2013


I never crafted the Daedric armor in Skyrim despite having completed all the Daedra quests (and having a ton of Daedra hearts) because I was too busy clomping around in Dwarven armor like some chubby underground troll. I told you I got the platinum trophy though, right? Definitely one of the highlights of my life to date. If I die tomorrow I want my tombstone to read: He Loved Domino's. This is the set of Daedric Armor built by DeviantARTist zerios88. It won him a prize at some recent convention. And rightfully so -- just look him. "Like the devil banged a dragon." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the impressiveness.








Thanks to my buddy Terry, who was all about some Dragonplate armor because the dude loves bones.

  • Dominick Hanshew

    My smithing is at 93 but ive only made it Legendary twice.

  • Dominick Hanshew

    That is freaking amazing Daedric Armor. Oh and those Swords #EPIC



    Nah im jk great job

  • Josh Cavanaugh

    Please share how you made this, I love it!

  • Jacob Kemna

    If you make me and my friend we will give you a shoutout on YouTube so can you plz if you do plz write back kk also you are fucking awesome :) ;) :3 :p p.s and I am going to a cosplay and I will say you made it

  • All of my want.

  • AmericanSocialist

    This guy should make Knightmare armor. I believe he could pull it off pretty easily.

    Seems very D.I.Y., but you can tell he knows exactly what he's gonna use before he even gets started.

    Needless to say, I've made the assumption that he's completely amateur.

  • To bad my smithing is only 89...

  • Zerios

    I ve something like 50 leds on the armor , but u can see that only without daylight.. so i ve to find something that u can see also with daylight or with camera flash! .. i m workin on it :)

  • Idlethoughts

    If you are by chance interested in making the eyes light up but still being able to see I would suggest taking a look at "glospex"

  • Zerios

    the armor doesnt have glowing eyes .. anyway thanks :D

  • Zerios

    Wow guys , It is an honor for me to be featured here.. i read geekologie everyday!!! About lights , i ve to improve the light system for the next convention in march , follow me if u want to see the 2.0 version :D

  • Marita Toman

    Hi, how did you make this? I wanna know so badly :( or at least tell me.. Which materials did you use?

  • german

    this guy is my hero

  • bamboleyo

    where da LED's at? aka glow, duh? Y U NO ENCHANT?

  • dang

    you can see some red glow in the gauntlets

  • I'd like to see any of you build that lol. Awesome job!

  • CrazyUncleNicola

    Not the first set I've seen but this may be the best though it's too light and lacks red though the other one I saw did too.

  • skyrim lover

    does anybody know a way I could by deadric armour?

  • Emmanuel Nikolas

    Custom order it to a blacksmith... though this will probably cost you a prise between a luxury car and a house.

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