Goodnight Sweet Prince: Sony Stops Making PS2's

January 10, 2013


I know, I thought they'd already stopped years ago too. Shows how much we know! "Speak for yourself." I WILL SPEAK FOR BOTH OF US. Yes waiter, we're ready to order. I will have the lobster, and my friend here WILL HAVE NOTHING AND LIKE IT -- MWAHAHAHAHA! Sony has officially stopped manufacturing Playstation 2's.

After over 150 million units sold, Sony has finally put the PlayStation 2 out to pasture.

Even now, as we bid the old bird farewell, the PS2 can hold its proverbial head high. Over 1.5 billion copies of nearly 11,000 titles were sold over the last 12 years. The 70 million PS3 sales to date pale in comparison the the numbers put up by the PS2. In fact, by the numbers, the PS2 is -- make that was -- the most successful console of all time.

Well how about that! "About what?" I dunno, I was just eating the apple sauce pack that came in my Lunchable. It was weird because the first bite was good but the rest of it sucked -- what's up with that? "It's a conspiracy." Illuminati?! "Afraid so." I'll draft a letter to my state rep!

Dear brobro,

I know we've never met, and I can't remember if I voted for you or the other moron (although I probably wrote in Harry Potter), but this goes way deeper than partisanship -- this is about...what was this about? Do you get to judge the state beauty pageant? You more of an ass or boobs man? Because I like them both.

Thanks to Thel200ster, PH, Michael, Red Foxx15 and alan, who encourage you all to attend the memorial service this weekend.

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