Beats, Fresh From The Farm: A Beatboxing Goat

January 28, 2013


Because it's Monday but when I woke up I thought it was Sunday, here's a video of a beatboxing goat. I'm pretty sure it's fake though, people in the Youtube comments were saying the cameraman is moving its head and making the sounds. That would make it way less impressive. I say we find this joker and tell him how we really feel. How do we feel, anyways? "Like we've been lied to." I think I'm gonna hit him!

Hit the jump for 20-seconds you'll never get back but won't want to.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who has a beatboxing gecko named Ozwald that would destroy this goat in a beatboxing contest then lick his own eyeballs.

  • LittleBigFace

    But... but he's white. D:

  • First I was told, pink bionic unicorns don't exist and now some of you are saying this is FAKE!?!?!? Oh the humanity!

  • n_a_a_s

    DAMNNN............ those beats are so fresh. SNAP!!

  • Brant_Alan

    Fuckin' old school.

  • puny parrot

    Shut up! Its totally real, dont shatter my dreams!

  • Vlad

    Real, but the guy is just shaking the goats head by holding his horns

  • Dani

    while making the beat sounds.

  • Leo

    OMG really you guys its fake? how can you tell???

  • JennWillo

    So fake... but if it were real, we'd have to call it bleatboxing.



    Bring back hedonistica. Fuck. This is... this is Geekologie in a fucking nutshell.

  • NotAdirtyHippie

    ...hedonistica. ;') I'm not the only one who remembers...

  • Jacob Abercrombie

    Fake...but funny nonetheless.

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