Full-Size Toyota Land Cruiser SUV Carved Out Of Ice

January 29, 2013


In what possibly might be the best ice sculpture to have at a wedding ever, this is a full size Toyota Landcruiser carved out of a block of ice. It even has an open door so you can sit in it and make the steering wheel look even more like it was molded out of shit because people won't stop touching it with their grubby mitts. I'd be a little afraid to sit in it myself, but that's just because one time at a cousin's wedding reception I saw a giant ice swan crack like a glacier and take out the flower girl. Your petal-scattering days are OVER.

Hit the jump for shots from all angles and the interior.









Thanks to Micah, who once rode a motorcycle made out of ice all the way down a hill and across two lanes of traffic and lived to tell the tale. The guy who went second? Not so lucky.

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