Four Smurfs Arrested In Australia After Mini Crime Spree

January 14, 2013


Mini, get it? Because they're Smurfs and Smurfs are small.

Seen here looking even dumber than they did in my mind prior to seeing a picture, three of the four teenage Smurfs that were arrested following a crime spree in Australia are seen on a 7-11's security footage. The Smurfs was arrested after trying to hotwire a car. Oh, and beating up a guy who gave one of them a free cigarette but wouldn't light it. Wait -- so he gave you a cigarette, and then you beat him up? Those might be the worst manners I've ever heard of. Thankfully, the blue man group turned themselves in after the security camera footage was released and they realized they were the world's saddest criminals and could probably benefit from a little butt-love in the clink. I hereby sentence you to...death at Gargamel's hand, MWAHAHAHAHA! "Jesus, GW, don't you think that's a little steep?" *looking at picture* No, no I do not.

Hit the jump for the security camera footage of them buying energy drinks and scratching their asses.

Thanks to Jaucet and LupusYonderboy, who tried robbing a bank dressed as Snorks but passed out from holding their breath pretending to be underwater.

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