Fancy!: Functional Wooden NES Controller Coffee Table

January 28, 2013


This is a fancy wooden NES controller coffee table built by the folks at the Bohemian Workbench (who previously built this one). It's made with a bunch of exotic woods, is Wii compatible, comes with a zapper, and costs $7,200. *coughing up blood* That's a lot of money. "Wait -- let's go back to you coughing up blood." I shouldn't have drank it.

Coffee designed after the Nintendo controller from 1985. This functional model is made from premium grade curly maple, birdseye maple, African bubinga, and mahogany and is compatible with the Nintendo Wii. It features dovetail joinery and midcentury modern legs. Also included in a side mounted custom bison holster is a zapper, handmade from bubinga and maple. The zapper functions as a Wii controller while selecting the classic Nintendo on the Wii menu. The zapper also vibrates and has a speaker to replicate the feel and sound of the original Wii controller. The table functions wirelessly and the gun and mount can be easily removed if desired. A glass top and bubinga feet are included for use as table.

If $7,200 is a little out of your NES controller coffee table budget, they also sell a couple other more basic wooden models, as well as plastic ones for as low as $1,950. "Um, GW? My NES controller coffee table budget is $0." Same here -- high-five! "Did you just touch my butt." Yes, but only because I was stealing your wallet. Now my budget is...$12.

Hit the jump for shots from all angles.





Thanks to Charles, the man behind the table, who I'm going to commission to make me a triforce coffee table just as soon as I rob a bank or win the lottery or get hit by a car and collect big on insurance.

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