He's Still Got It: Ex-Green Power Ranger Breaks World Record For Karate Chopping Wood Blocks While Skydiving

January 28, 2013


So ex-green Power Ranger Jason David Frank (who is now a mixed martial artist who will punch your teeth out if you cross him) just set the world record for the most pine boards broken while skydiving, raising the bar from five to seven. Zordon must be so proud right now.

Hit the jump for the video but mute the volume because you can't hear anything but a headache.

Thanks to Jorge, who could break at least 10 pine boards during freefall and still have time to eat a breakfast burrito before pulling his chute.

  • He did not say, "It's MORPHIN' Time!" How disappointing

  • In other news, 14 people suffered concussions several days ago when broken pine boards mysteriously fell out of the sky.

  • bigalosu

    Wasn't he the white Power Ranger?

  • KLR_Steve

    The question that no one seems to be asking is what happened to the two halves that the one guy dropped towards the end? Presumably one of them is embedded in a cow's head somewhere.

  • Idlethoughts

    So he actual broke eight things during the fall then. Oh snap. Sorry I can't pass up an excuse to crack a pun.

  • BenkTonk

    Ill never understand how someone can jump out of a perfectly good airplane!


  • brad tittle

    One of the great disappointments in my life was seeing a demonstration of this in real life. Turn those board 90 degrees and he has a broken fist. The sticks used are always cut for minimal strength.

  • Plant shade

    You face is also cut for minimal strength.

  • Squirlli-D

    Jason was the Red Ranger and Tommy was the Green Ranger. seriously? Zack was the Black Ranger, Tina was the Yellow Ranger, Billy was the Blue Ranger and Kimberly was the damn Pink Ranger.

  • Jessica

    Jason is his real name dimwit

  • RadXCor

    Trini was the Yellow Ranger. Also, Red Ranger > Green Ranger. =D

  • Redde

    Tommy was also the White Ranger, who led the whole team, THE RED RANGER INCLUDED. Therefore White Ranger > Red Ranger.

  • now you have to play "higher Ground" by the red hot chili peppers. you all know what im talking about.

  • Power Rangers are like Marines, you don't say "Ex-" you say "Former"

    Once a Power Ranger, Always a Power Ranger. Semper Megazord.

  • Kazmyhre Florendo

    That is soo cool!! Power Rangers is one of the best I've ever watched when I was a kid. Go go power rangers! You Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!! :)

    Samsung cover

  • Michael James

    Well this would have been far cooler a couple years ago, before I found out what an asshole he is and finally stopped wanting to be him.

  • Now there are only 9 things left to see before I die

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