I Love Eating Faces: Hobbit Character Pancakes

January 17, 2013


Hey so I puked on my feet in the shower this morning so if I disappear at any point today it's probably because I went to go do it again. Call an ambulance if you don't hear from me but make up a fake name and do NOT let them take me to the hospital because I don't have the money for that. These are some Hobbit character pancakes from batter artist Nathan Shields (of these Star Trek and these everything else pancakes fame). There's also a picture of Nathan's kids eating two of faces after the jump. Cannibalism: you have to start them young. A voodoo priestess told me that right before biting the head off a lizard.

Hit the jump for the holy smokes I need one of those food-catching bibs. Hey -- waste not, want not (a bum told me that one).


  • psycho_ro

    Does anyone else think the one thats supposed to be Elrond looks more like Spock?

  • Chaseos

    Actually, it's not Lord of the Rings, it's The Hobbit

  • dang

    I am sick and delirious plus stupid that was my bad

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