Developer Fired After He Outsourced His Job To China

January 16, 2013


Fired? I would have given him a raise for ingenuity.

A software developer was recently fired after his employer discovered he had secretly outsourced his entire job to China for a mere 20% of what he was making. And, since brobro had so much free time on his hands, he also accepted a bunch of freelance gigs and outsourced all of those too. Clearly we have some sort of business genius on our hands.

...relying on a case study presented by the security team at Verizon, the gentleman in question was very interested in Reddit, eBay shopping, and watching cat videos during working hours.

So he allegedly outsourced his work to China. Yes, all of his work. He did nothing at all -- workwise, that is, according to Verizon.

However, the Verizon folks say he also attempted to perform this liberating ploy simultaneously on other companies -- presumably he was accepting freelance projects on the side.

What some might find amusing -- or even dispiriting -- is that his employers valued him highly, as the work was of an excellent standard.

Ahahahahahaha, they loved the quality of work he turned in. That's beautiful. I bet they're just embarrassed this dude figured out how to cut their costs by 80% and they didn't think of it first. Screw firing him, I say make him president of the company. God willing he'll outsource that too.

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, who was bragging about outsourcing this tip. Oh yeah -- WELL GUESS WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE?

  • Hmm… I think that this man is really very productive and he knows the meaning of efficiency. The only problem that aroused was the way he was actually caught. He should’ve shared his plan to his bosses and show the savings they can have. This news, still, totally gives everyone to think about. I agree on most of your deliberations, btw. Good points!

  • Ryan Ong

    What exactly did he do wrong? He gave them the results they wanted, at the agreed upon price.

  • This man is a genius. He's sure to get a better job somewhere else.

  • Alex Sawyer

    Good. He deserved to get fired. Not only did he exploit workers, but he essentially stole money from his employer, getting paid for doing nothing. Does anybody have ethics anymore?

  • rosebud8119

    He was getting paid for a job to get done. The job got done. End of story.

  • Pui Che

    the problem here is not about whether he outsource his work or not, but more about him violating his NDA at work and expose company secret via allowing the people he outsource to access his company position account to pose as him working during work hours( thats how Verizon caught him, and this company he work for isn't related to Verizon btw). Weird and un-responsible actions cause his company to fire him, not to mention if there are any lawsuits in exposing company secrets through such a ordeal.

    but yes, otherwise this person's would be praise for his management skill and work delegation. He will prob be rehire by other company for those skill sets, or lost of trusts through any fields he pursue in the future due to this exposure.

  • anon

    how is having an assistant do everything for you any different from outsourcing your job over seas?

  • Alex Sawyer

    Because having an assistant is not done secretly, without the company's knowledge or permission.

  • NaveedXVO

    "How to run a business by that guys boss" first step decrease production by 1000% by firing your most productive employee. Second step profit.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I am certain they kept the outsourced labor

  • Brant_Alan

    With a slightly reduced pay no doubt.

  • Dumbed_down_america

    So apparently it's commendable to outsource jobs in a country that has an extremely high level of non-employment rates, and beyond that, outsource that job to a country with commonly known extremely questionable labor laws and human rights, which, obviously, is why labor is cheaper there... Maybe we won't find such an instance so hilarious once we're openly owned and controlled by that foreign communist power.

  • Alex Sawyer

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Like a BOSS!

  • Dragonstorm

    If this guy had been the VP of his division he would have received a massive bonus for doing that. Companies don't like to be outdone at their own game.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    exact same thought. I am in the tech field in corporate america and what this guy did is no different than every single executive and director out there. This guy should have been promoted to a managerial role.

  • Alex Sawyer

    So because everyone does it, that makes it OK?

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