Custom His And Hers Star Wars Themed Wedding Bands

January 22, 2013


There are two different sets of custom his and hers Star Wars weddings bands ($400 and up depending on the metal and stones used) designed by Etsy seller Swankmetalsmithing. Me? I'm going to get my wedding band TATTOOED on so the only way to remove it is to cut off the finger. Which I'll inevitably have to do after the woman leaves me. Then I'll have no choice but to tell everyone I lost the finger in a woodworking accident. I'll probably go ahead and cut my middle finger and pinky off too just to make it more believable. "Smart." *tapping head* I'm a thinker.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of this design and the other.






Thanks to my pal Terry, who totally would have gotten these if he'd known about them when he got married, but he didn't. They still had lightsabers at the wedding though, true story. He got a good woman:


  • nice images collection Smiley Snaps

  • BobInTheBox

    Shouldn't the sayings on the rings be reversed? If the guy is saying 'I know' to the girl, shouldn't that be on the Bride's ring? Why would they want to always look at what they said to the other person?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    This is not the wife I was looking for.

  • G-man

    Doesn't luke say this to his sister?

  • No, it was Han.

  • Leighton

    The Throne Room And End Title from the Star Wars IV - A New Hope OST came on just as I opened this page.

  • thatcando

    butt ugly - but funny
    ...and nice renderings by the way

  • whacko

    Gee, I never thought of the Death Star as romantic before...

    Also if your girl has any geek-cred, I don't know how happy she will be when you present her with a wedding ring that marks her as a member of the Evil Galactic Empire. Regardless of how well she may fit into their ranks.

  • chair soysauce

    I think It's supposed to be symbolic. You know, like saying "I want to send in a one man fighter (sperm) to set off a chain reaction in your station's core (fallopian tube)".

  • Michael Knight

    yeah, what better way to show you are an insensitive jerk when a woman professes her love than to respond 'I know'?!?!? you can follow it up with discussions about handing this ring down for generations to come.

  • Mister Cerberus

    Take it up with Harrison Ford, he ad-libbed the line.

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