Crafty!: Secret House Entrance Hidden As Wall Paneling

January 24, 2013


Look at this girl. She looks crazy, right? Like, why the hell are you turning the water on, you're going to soak you're going to soak your pants and it's obviously cold out. The thing is, she's not turning the water on, she's opening the secret rear entrance to the house. Well, at least it used to be secret, now we all know about it. The door can be opened via wireless remote or hidden numeric keypad, and makes the perfect escape for when the coppers show up asking about who's been spraypainting penises on all the stop signs in the neighborhood. Quick -- to the treefort!

Hit the jump for a video demonstration. On a side note, I was bitten by a rattlesnake when I was born so I almost never get sick but for whatever reason I've come down with something brutal this week and I'm doing the best I can but my brain feels like one of those bags you always see people carrying around when they're walking their dogs. What's in those things anyways? "Shit." Exactly.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees there's only one thing cooler than a secret entrance -- secret passageways. OMG -- LOVE THEM.

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