Compressorhead: An Entirely Robotic Metal Band

January 4, 2013


Note: Please, try to keep the metal metal band jokes to a minimum.

This is a video of the robotic band Compressorhead practicing in the garage of some human they likely killed. Unfortunately (or is it?), as somebody pointed out in the video's comments, you can really only hear the drums. You know why? Because robotic sound guys SUCK. Consider that a heads up for any of you bands out there trying to save a couple bucks by hiring a robot -- you want a HUMAN sound guy. The longer the ponytail the better.

Hit the jump for the brand practice in action. Admittedly, I did like the little high-hat robot.

Thanks to Gary T, who wants to see the entire band crowd-surf into a mine field. Ditto. And to taran420, who actually likes them but is also probably high.

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