Come On, No Motor Oil?: Manly-Scented Bar Soap

January 24, 2013


This is a series of soap bars called Man Hands, they're supposed to smell like things dudes like. Stuff like cash, fresh-cut grass, beer, baseball gloves, fire and dirt. Each bar will set you back $7 and doesn't come with any sort of guarantee they'll make you more manly. That's why you need to buy my soap instead. My stuff is made to smell like the stuff REAL tough-ass dudes like me are used to smelling. Things like dragon blood, the freshly pissed pants of an enemy, old grizzly witch's nips and BROADSWORDS. "What's a broadsword smell like?" Here, smell mine. "You're going to cut off my nose, aren't you?" That was the plan, yes. "But why?" *sobbing* I just don't like you!

Hit the jump for shots of all the other scents (including urinal cake, mmmmmm!).





Thanks to Jason, who I'm pretty sure is affiliated with the company and needs to send me a case of margarita soap pronto.

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