Clever: TARDIS Dress With Larger Painted Interior

January 24, 2013


This is cosplayer Sasha Trabane sporting a TARDIS dress with the TARDIS interior cleverly painted by Andy Coyle in between the pleats. Is that the correct terminology -- pleats? Despite what I may have lead you to believe in the past, I'm not actually an expert on women's fashion. Shocking, I know, it's one of the very few categories I couldn't run in Jeopardy. I'm joking, total fashionista over here. I'll prove it -- you lift your skirt and I'll correctly identify the cut of underwear you're wearing. "Nice try, pervert." Dammit! A kid on the bus told me that would work.

Thanks to PYY, who knows I really only learned what the difference is between a dress and a skirt a few years ago.

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