Chinese Businessman Is Selling Canned Air To Bring Attention To Beijing's Smog, Piss-Poor Air Quality

January 31, 2013


In a scene kind of but not really straight out of Spaceballs, Chinese recycling entrepreneur and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao has begun selling canned air in Beijing to bring attention to the city's poor air quality and encourage citizens to help protect the environment. Chen predicts that, if something isn't done about the smog now, in 10 years citizens could be wearing gas masks and toting oxygen tanks or forced to live underground in a vast series of caverns like mole people (I made that last part up). And for those of you with a more refined palate looking for a little fresh air on the go -- might I suggest Geekologie Writer brand BOTTLED AIR. Bottled air is better because you don't get that metallic air smell from a can. Here -- have a free huff on me. *huffs, pukes hard* "There was a fart in there, wasn't there?" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, it came out of an opened Yoo-hoo bottle, what the f*** did you expect?

Hit the jump for a video news report and a shot of just how bad the smog has gotten recently.


Thanks to Kelly, who caught me breathing through a bra wrapped around my head and I had to explain how it was actually a pre-filter for the panties behind it.

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