Bad Kitty!: Cat Implicated In Prison Break Plot After Trying To Sneak Saw Blades, Cell Phone Into The Clink

January 7, 2013


A cat was recently detained by Brazilian authorities after it was caught trying to sneak saw blades, drill bits, a cell phone (plus charger) and memory cards into a prison. The cat was caught trying to cross the prison yard and stood out because, unlike a human, it had all the gear taped to its body instead of hidden deep inside its rectum.

All 263 detainees in the prison of Arapiraca, a city of 215,000 people in the state of Alagoas, are considered suspect in the plot, which is being investigated by local police.

"It's tough to find out who's responsible for the action as the cat doesn't speak," a prison spokesperson told local paper Estado de S.Paulo.

The cat was taken to an animal disease center to receive medical care.

Oh I'll tell you who's responsible alright -- IT WAS THE CAT. Trust me, I used to have a similar looking cat who was a mastermind criminal. Wait a minute....SHITTY BILL, IS THAT YOU?! I thought you ran away because you got too many lady cats in the neighborhood pregnant! "Meow." You did, I see.

Hit the jump for a shot of all the stuff the cat had on it.


Thanks to fat piggie (who just won a 'two tips in one day' award) and ChaosLex, who have spent the last decade training moles to help them escape just in case they're ever wrongfully accused for something and wind up in the clink.

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