Cannot Be Unseen: Totoro Inspired Spandex Body Suit

January 15, 2013


This is the $40 'Cartoon Totoro Lycra Spandex Multicolor Zentai Suit' available from Milanoo. If it hadn't said Totoro in the product title, I probably wouldn't have known it was supposed to be him. And that might have made it better. But let's not kid ourselves, we've already seen too much for this to ever get much better. Sure the memory will fade, but in a year from now when I yell 'TOTORO SPANDEX BODYSUIT!' in some random post, this imagery will come rushing back, and you will thank me. "I will hate you." You will threaten to kill me in the comments. Until that day, my friend.

Hit the jump in case you wanted to see what it looks like in the butt area.


ChaosLex set me this, you can all thank him.

  • Falafelizer

    "The squirrel that couldn't... hide his nuts."

  • J6P

    It's gonna be super hard to wash the blood stains out of that thing.

  • the antagonist

    I don't want that to be my neighbor.

  • Fungi

    Oh my...

  • puny parrot

    its not one of those weird baloon suits, thats good.. i guess.

  • this would be cool... if it wasnt a skin tight body suit. my guess, they'll sell 5 to some kids who will think its cool to run around in this at a rave.

  • At least the guy wearing it has a nice arse.

  • Keno

    "ADD TO MY BAG"...if I'm wearing that abomination, please do...

  • Sorry. ;)

  • Greg Kerekes


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