Birds In Your Roof Is Desirable: Birdhouse Roof Tiles

January 14, 2013


Because what homeowner doesn't want a bunch of birds living in their roof, this is a line of ceramic birdhouse roof tiles designed by Klaas Kuiken. I think they're a real product you can buy, but they only really work if you already have a ceramic tile roof. They'd look pretty silly on the black shingle roofs you see around here, and they'd look even SILLIER worn as hats. Girl, why are you wearing a birdhouse on your head? "It's haute couture." Yeah? Well you've got bird shit in your hair.

Hit the jump for two more shots.



Thanks to PYY, who built birdhouses in the basement but nobody wants to live down there except me and I can't fly. Well, not for long distances anyways.

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