Because You're Sooooooo Interesting: A Lil' Quadrocopter With Streaming Video Camera That Follows You Around

January 29, 2013


This is the MeCam, a teensy little quadrocopter with a video camera that can follow you around capturing all the exciting moments in your life that you can't catch on webcam. Things like going to work, working, coming home from work, and eating dinner. It's also voice activated, so you should be able to tell it to not follow you into the bathroom unless you want it to. Please, just don't want it to.

Its four tiny propellers carry a module with a 1GHz or 1.5GHz ARM processor, 1GB of RAM, SD card, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a camera. MeCam also has 14 real-time sensors to keep it from collisions, two auto-pilot algorithms and a video stabilizer by Morpho to create "perfect" panoramas.

Hardware specs aside, the MeCam's charm lies in it following you around automatically. It can also be controlled with voice commands. MeCam is social, too: video taken by the MeCam can also be streamed directly to an iOS or Android smartphone via a special app, and shared instantly to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

The MeCam will allegedly be available sometime next year, but I'm curious to see what the battery life is going to be. My guess is eight minutes. Just long enough to accomplish nothing. Also, if I catch any of you perverts trying to fly one of these things up to my bedroom window, well, you better be ready for THE SHOW OF YOUR LIFETIME. *grinding towel between legs* I...should probably wash that now. (But I'm going to hang it up as my roommate's face towel instead!)

Hit the jump for a weird promotional video with stick figures.

Thanks to bb, who agrees anybody who's actually considering buying a flying webcam to follow them around is probably the last person who needs a flying webcam following them around.

  • I would actually love this, in fact I wanted something like this when I was a teenage raver because of all the bizarre, weird and wonderful things that would happen on a night out! Not all of us lead mundane lives ;)

  • Old Soul

    imagine, if it was invisible...

  • Yeah, no one is gonna steal that.

  • jimmy

    battery life of 8 minutes if your lucky!! with that amount of processing power, camera, and wifi that it going to draw alot of power.

  • Rolandas Valantinas

    Why I see no comments referring to home made porn? I guess I'll have to be one to mention that...

  • Dani


  • WANT

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