800-Pound Cobra Sculptued From Frozen Cow Manure

January 16, 2013


What if I told you if you give me a kiss I'll turn into a prince?

There is art, then there is art created from frozen cow shit. This is the latter. Siberian Mikhail Bopposov sculpted this serpent out of the dung dropped by his 17 cattle to celebrate the coming Year of the Snake on the Chinese zodiac. Me? I'm a rooster, so this year will probably suck for me. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

Bopposov first dabbled in the medium in 2008, when, inspired by his military service in a tank division, he created a tank out of dung.

"This is not sculpture, just a piece of work I did," Bopposov said modestly when asked about his artistic aspirations.

Oh Mikhail, always so modest. That is most DEFINITELY sculpture. A very -- wait for it, wait for it -- SHITTY one. Get it? Because it's not very good. No word what Mikhail used to sculpt the thing, but if he used his bare hands I hope he cut his fingernails afterwards.

Hit the jump for one more shot.


Thanks to khz, who agrees that bottom portion isn't so much sculpture as it is just a giant turd.

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