You Seriously Need Some New Friends, Brobro: Guy Pushes Buddy Overboard With Giant Shark Nearby

December 17, 2012


This is a short video of a group of friends who were out wakeboarding in the ocean when one dude pushes another guy overboard WITH A BIG-ASS SHARK NEARBY. Now I have no concept of what kind of that shark that was, or if it's even dangerous to humans, but it was definitely LARGE. Man, I would have pooped my wetsuit so hard you'd have to call it a muddysuit. Then crawled back in the boat, thrown my "buddy" overboard, chummed the water with my own blood, and sped off toward shore. You can't prank the prank king!

Hit the jump for a video of the best friends ever.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who I would have done the exact same thing to except with more bloody pig heads and cinderblocks tied to his legs.

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