Yoda Tattoo With Lightsaber That Glows Under Blacklight

December 6, 2012


This is some Star Wars fan's Yoda tattoo with glowing lightsaber inked by tattoo artist Kenneth Bryan of Intimate Body Art Studios. Clearly the studio doesn't ONLY perform intimate body art, because this tattoo is giving me zero boners. Now a tattoo of a boob on a buttcheek -- that's intimate. I like how Yoda's eyes glow too. And his -- wait -- why are you nails glowing, Yoda? Is there something you want to tell us? "Only clear strengthening polish, it is." Like hell it is bro, you paint your nails! You wearing panties under that robe too? "Going commando, I am. Herh herh herh!" I'll let myself out.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who doesn't go to the gym but does turn the lights off and swing his two lightsabers around in the dark like a total spaz.

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