World's Largest Round Pizza Is 131-Feet, Over 25 Tons

December 21, 2012


This is the world's largest round pizza, created by five Italian chefs to break the record set in South Africa in 1990. Plus this one is gluten free. Great, now I want Domino's.

The event was organized by Dr. Schar, a company that produces gluten-free food.

The pie contained 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 1,488 pounds of margarine, 551 pounds of rock salt, 220 pounds of lettuce and 55 pounds of vinegar. It weighed 51,257 pounds.

The process of baking such a massive pizza is as arduous as it sounds. The five chefs spent over 48 hours baking the dough in over 5,000 batches.

Impressive, but how about some toppings? Come on, at least a couple tons of mushrooms. Speaking of -- one time I ate a ton of mushrooms and could actually SEE music. Then the devil's face appeared out of a brick wall and called me by name and ruined everything.

Hit the jump for a shot of the cutting.


Thanks to PYY, who sang the entire Bagel Bites in her tip and now I want PIZZA IN THE MORNING, PIZZA IN THE EVENIN', PIZZA AT SUPPERTIME.

  • xLMDMx

    glad im no the only one that thought wtf is the lettuce for

  • Who's eating this thing? People walking around it with shoes on, WTH? Its the equivalent of dropping a slice of pizza on the floor in a restaurant it falls face down, you pick it up & eat it? Germ City!

  • Charles Whelan

    Can you eat rock salt? I usually just toss that on my icy driveway...

  • AshesToDust

    How wasteful and unsanitary. Just to set a record and be meaningless for eternity. Wow.

  • Guest

    I wanted to think about jumping on that pizza pie until I read there was lettuce on there.

  • SadieV

    ...Lettuce?? Wtf?

  • This seems a bit unnecessary, points about Africa are true.. but ya know. 25ton Pizza.. I'm keen

  • Kevin

    What the hell is the lettuce for?

  • Morowyn

    It's South Africa. Who the fuck knows?

  • The chefs were Italian lol

  • karrock

    And vinegar!! O.o

  • Kevin

    Africa? So they're going to let the starving people eat it right? Probably not. "It would be too expensive to distribute it". They'll probably just toss it. What a waste or resources. I'm glad we're so proud of ourselves.

  • Brant_Alan

    Can I say something about the whole "starving in Africa thing". As inconsiderate as it sounds it is 2012 almost 2013, and there are still people who can't provide for themselves or their families? Why they hell not? Seriously. What are they doing with their time? If their habitat makes it unlivable without some celebrity grabbing a camera crew and filming something in order to get food then maybe it's time to pack up and leave. It's bullshit. Eat each other I don't care, I can't worry about people i've never seen 6000 miles away just because they haven't figured out how to build a supermarket.

  • Morowyn

    HUZZAH! Someone who agrees with me.

  • And yet people are starving in our own country....

  • Kalutika

    I don't think it should be considered the largest pizza if it's not made as one pie. I can buy 5000 pizzas and lay them next to each other, but it's still not the worlds largest pizza. A freezer case in CVS isn't a contender for the world's largest ice cream sundae.

  • Brant_Alan

    It just says 5000 'batches' of dough. You find an oven big enough to cook all that dough at once.

    So what they did instead was kept baking it and sending it out to be put on the large pile of dough. I still think that's fair. Unless I'm totally missing something.

  • Thanatoslives

    I take your point, however on Ace of cakes, (and other such shows) they make different sections of cake and stick them together to make what could only be described as 1 large cake. So there's an argument both ways.

    Has anyone sat down and worked out how many calories this would be yet?

  • dude

    so are they airlifting this to africa?

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