What Happened To The Reindeer?!: LEGO Santa Mech

December 13, 2012


This is a LEGO Santa mech built by LEGOmaniac Mark Anderson. I guess Santa got tired of having to take care for all those reindeer and (now would cover your children's eyes) SLAUGHTERED AND ATE THEM. *kids crying* I warned you. Santa's mech features a bubble of presents on the back and arm mounted 'Naughty' and 'Nice' cannons that presumably shoot the proper presents down your chimney. Or maybe just blast them through a window, who knows -- Santa seems to be cutting some serious corners on the whole tradition thing. Oh well, at least he won't eat all my cookies this year. *fast forward to Christmas morning, I'm standing outside in a loosely tied bathrobe eying the giant mech-shaped hole in the side of my house* THAT FAT BASTARD.

Hit the jump for a bunch more worthwhile shots.








Thanks to Omnicrom, who tried to tell me he spoke with Santa and I shouldn't be expecting anything this year. What the -- I WILL PUNCH THE PRESENTS OUT OF HIM.

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