USB Squirming Tentacle (Just Squirms And That's It)

December 6, 2012


This is the $25 USB Squirming Tentacle from ThinkGeek. You plug it in and it squirms. AND THAT'S ALL. It doesn't store any data or anything, it just squirms. It's the textbook definition of a novelty product. You want to see something squirm for cheaper? Here's what you do: kidnap me, tie me to a chair, and tickle my feet. I will squirm SO HARD. Also, pee. And if that pee smells like poop it means I shat too. That's why you shouldn't gag me so I can still yell the safe words before that happens. "And what are the safe words?" DON'T STOP.

Hit the jump for a video of four tentacles squirming in a USB hub because what else are you gonna do with $100?

Thanks to Pyrblaze, who has recently because a pretty reliably tipster UNLIKE SOMEONE I KNOW (I'm talking about you).

  • JJ

    "Yeah Baby!" * Austin Powers music blarring in the background*

  • *adds googly eyes* now it is funnier. :D

  • Still better than that USB dog - all it did was hump your computer.

  • DoubleFish

    This article clearly showd exactly how kinky the Geekologie writer is....

  • Aalok

    Completely useless and completely creepy. Sounds like a guy I know.

  • NO!

  • Pyrblaze

    Totally thinking about getting a 4 USB hub, and recreating the boss battle against King Calamari (Super Mario RPG) but then I realized nobody sells usb squid heads.

  • Michael P.

    I've seen enough anime to know how this is going to end....

  • Luneth

    "Here's what you do: kidnap me, tie me to a chair, and tickle my feet. I will squirm SO HARD."

  • Jeremy Tilton

    [Insert Hentai Porn Joke Here]

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