Turn It Off, I Can't Sleep: Fiber Optic Glowing Bed Cover

December 5, 2012


Because what good is bedding that doesn't glow in the dark so you can peek under the covers to make sure your privates are still there, here's a line of fiber optic bed covers from LumiGram ($485 for a standard/queen, $570 for a king). The cover comes in 10 different fabric colors and 4 different lighting colors and is guaranteed to make your next lover ask, "Are you from the future?" How you handle that is entirely up to you, but DO NOT go with the "Zip zap, I am a pleasure cyborg" routine. Just trust me. "Have you done it before?" JUST TRUST ME.

Hit the jump for a couple more options.




Thanks to Backwoods Sam (who doesn't even have electricity) and khz, who like their covers dark because they sleep during the day. Vampires -- I'll start sharpening a stick.

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