Star Wars Cookie Cutter Cookies Gone Horribly Wrong

December 14, 2012


So a friend of mine decided to use those William Sonoma cookie cutters to bake a batch of Star Wars cookies for Christmas. This is the result. She made me pinky swear not to identify her in the post though so we'll just call her ALLISON SWAN OF 3520 ATHENS BOULEVARD, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, 90046. Haha -- sorry Allison! (But I was born without pinkies)

Thanks to F, the real woman behind the cookies, for having the courage to post this picture on Facebook. Hey -- I'd still eat them.

  • there is an amazing recipe so non spread cookies (great for cookie cutters)
    i use this recipe all the time!!!

  • It has nothing to do with butter. Too much leavening was used. Signed, Riverwest Bakery Cooperative, Milwaukee, WI

  • Guy

    NAILED IT!!!

  • Ashleigh Henczel

    If they even used the right dough, the dough is wayyyyy too thick
    even with the right dough they would have ballooned out.

  • Natalie

    You could still decorate them to make them look pretty legit!

  • Gustavo Andres Barona

    Also assuming this was the right cookie dough for sugar cookies you need to refrigerate the dough so It doesn't rise as much

  • Angela Tyson

    the same thing happened to me when I tried the Marvel set with my son

  • The_Trike

    Baking is science. This is Science Fail.

  • Guest

    The ones on the right are upside down. Presumably in an effort to make them more "wrong".

  • Guest

    Maybe it's a sign she use too much buttah, it'll make you into a fatty cookie.
    Hopefully she'll find the right recipe for making "shaped" cookies.
    ....dang now I'm hungry, hand me one of those funky cookies.

  • Eleanor

    If she would have put the dough in the fridge for an hour then this wouldn't have happened.

  • Edcculus

    Just chiming in - wrong dough. Should have use a roll out type dough. Make the dough, then refrigerate for at least an hour. Then you take small sections and roll it out on a silpat or floured work surface. Dough should not be as thick as they have it. After that, you cut out the shapes and bake.

  • Try using pepperkake dough or any other non-rising cookie dough.

  • fsfsf@@R#

    Use a dough recipe that is low rising, ie. shortbread

  • Pfft. I've been claiming that all my cookies are Death Stars for years.

  • Baking Cookies: You're Doing It Wrong!

  • Danja

    These were rolled out way too thick. Try rolling them out next time so they are thinner and it won't spread so much.

  • Theodore Minick

    Even the right dough will do this if it's too warm when you put it in the oven. Butter is what mostly holds these things in shape, and if the butter melts before the cookie "sets"... well, you see what happens.

  • cocoa


  • cocoa

    jk jk i would still eat em

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