Spazzy Cat Leaps When It Hears The Mario Jump Sound

December 27, 2012


It already has a ton of views so I'm not going to spend too much time talking about it, but this is a video of a cat that jumps scared every time it hears the Mario jump soundbite from the original game. To the cat's credit though, its owner has the speakers cranked up to 11, so it's not really that surprising it gets startled. LOL, you should see the look on my roommate's face when he's asleep and I bang two pots in front of his face. Zany!

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to patty, Old Jingleballicks (I know where that's from and I 100% approve by the way) and Bryce, who go out of their way to NOT startle their pets, but will still leap out of a dark closet to scare their children.

  • Jadis

    too funny!!

  • Guest

    What will the cat do if a fireball was thrown?

    Pew pew pew flaming hair balls. >:D

  • Anderson Monteiro

    I think some1 is shocking the

  • Stephen Casto

    FAKE, he just video'ed the cat being scared with something else and did the sound track over it and timed the jumps to the cat jumping..OLD....

  • Stephen Casto

    But yes, the person's feet you see at the end, was pulling something under the rug.

  • darkstarava

    If there is something under the rug, why did the cat jump on the wooden floor?

  • archer923

    It's fake no matter what. The cat is reacting to the noise without any delay. There should be a small delay from the jump to the cat being scared..

  • exactly what i was thinking..

  • CuriousGooner

    They have something under the carpet, that they pull every time they jump on the game. You can see it if you look at the top right fringe of the carpet at 1:17.

  • A comment said that the cat was actually chasing some sort of toy that you could see at 1:17 or something.

  • Joel Perez

    it's a string attached to the cat and you can see it by the end of the carpet as it's tugged right after 1:17

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