So, It's Come To This: The Nyan Cat Hoodie

December 14, 2012


This is the $50 Nyan Cat Hoodie. It beats the hell out of that Batman one which is a pretty amazing feat considering this is a hoodie based on a Pop-Tart/cat hybrid blasting through space and the other is supposed to be one of the awesomest superheros to ever grace my bedsheets. As in, I had Batman bedsheets -- I didn't sleep with him. "What about Robin?" Tehehe, I never kiss and tell! I did bone him though.

Thanks to Bria and skiff, who told me they once made s'mores using two s'mores flavored Pop Tarts instead of graham crackers. HOLY LORD I NEED THAT RECIPE. "You just make regular s'mores but replace the graham crackers with Pop Tarts." That sounds complicated, can you write it down for me?

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