Scientist Asks 'Which Dinosaur Would Taste The Tastiest?'

December 27, 2012


Because scientists are quickly running out of important things to think about, Montana State University paleontology professor David Varricchio has been pondering what species of dinosaur might provide the best-tasting meat. You're sick! We shouldn't be cloning dinosaurs just to eat them you know. Clone to bone -- CLONE TO BONE.

Much of the flavor in a cut of meat comes from its fat composition, and an animal's diet contributes significantly to this. However, due to the average consumer's taste for meat that is not too strong-tasting, it is more important to figure out what we don't want the animals we consume to be eating. Dinosaurs that ate marine animals would definitely be off the list, not only for their fishy flavor, but also because the high amount of oil in fish would make the meat more susceptible to oxidation, which would give it a rancid taste. In fact, any carnivorous dinosaur would not fare too well in the supermarket. Most people prefer meat that comes from herbivorous animals--think cow, deer, bison-- since animal fat found in a carnivore's diet adds a significant amount of "gamey" flavor. And some dinosaurs' diets are far too unappetizing to consider.

"You could get into cuts of meat. Armored dinosaurs mainly used their tails for defense, so that would probably be a lot of good white meat. Hadrosaurs were quadrupedal and spent much of their time on the move; I suspect they would be largely red meat," Varricchio says. Sauropods, the largest animals to ever walk the earth, may have made for an interesting meal as well. Their long necks, used to reach high-up food sources, could have resulted in a unique cut of sturdy red meat weighing several tons. Says Varricchio, "Sauropod neck could be a delicacy."

The whole article over at PopSci really is pretty interesting, mostly because brobro spent so much time thinking about what different dinosaurs might taste like. God, could you imagine the conversations he has around the dinner table? His family must have the time of their lives during the holidays.

Thanks to Dunc, Brianna and hoover, who agree it's only a matter of time before they're passing off dinosaur legs as 'Dragon Drumsticks' at Renaissance fairs.

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