December 21, 2012


This is a video of how to set ice on fire by adding ice cubes to a layer of calcium carbide. Except the ice isn't really burning -- it's just providing the water fuel that calcium carbide needs to produce acetylene gas, which will burn like a lit fart.

Calcium carbide consists of two carbon atoms stuck onto a calcium atom. Add that to liquid water (H2O) and the carbon atoms will grab hold of the two hydrogen atoms and produce C2H2, or acetylene gas. This is the gas that's the fuel in many a welding torch. When you toss in the match the gas will fire up.

As long as there's still calcium carbide and water reacting, flammable acetylene gas will be produced and your fire will stay burning. Man, this is gonna make a great centerpiece at my holiday party. Speaking of -- why haven't you RSVP'd yet? "I never got an invite." *smiling slyly* No? "I wouldn't have come anyways though." *sad face*

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Amy, who told me she was witch and can set ice on fire WITHOUT science. But can you make me handsome?

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