Royal Mail Releasing 50th Anniversary Dr. Who Stamps

December 31, 2012


To celebrate 50 years of the space-and-time-traveling franchise, the Royal Mail is releasing a limited edition set of Dr. Who stamps featuring all eleven Doctors to date. Plus there are even some Dalek/Ood/Weeping Angel/Cyberman 2nd-class stamps. The sets are scheduled for release in March 2013. Also scheduled for release in March 2013? The dragon I've secretly been incubating in a cave not far from here. WE'RE GOING TO CONQUER THE WORLD. "$20 says you fly into a powerline and your dragon dies." Not again!

Hit the jump for a shot of the 2nd class citizens stamps.



Thanks to vez, Robert and Jerica, who just draw stamps on the packages they're going to send and the people at the post office always feel bad for them and let them pass. Genius.

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