Real Life Hobbit Green Dragon Pub Opens In New Zealand

December 12, 2012


Because it was only a matter of time with all the Middle Earth mania sweeping the country, New Zealand has just opened a Hobbit themed Green Dragon pub near Matamata. I bet it'll be successful. Hell, I'd drink there. "And get kicked out." That's what you think! 86 me, I dare you -- Sauron and I are gonna come back and BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND.

Officially opened by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key late last month, the hobbit pub is located in Hobbiton, near Matamata, New Zealand--the same location where the movies were filmed.

Constructed by a 80-person crew, The Green Dragon is carefully decorated with accurate details to offer visitors a "true hobbit experience".

Admittedly, they did do a great job faithfully recreating the building. I just want to know how much it costs to drink there, because I'm not paying $10 a beer just so I can pretend I'm a Hobbit. Just saying, I can pretend I'm a Hobbit at home with a 6-pack of Sierra Nevada bottles. Aye, me pot of gold -- juggle me potatoes, lassie. "I think that was more of a perverted leprechaun." Whatever.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots, including the VERY impressive exterior.











Thanks to Jason A, who hopes there's a 'NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE' policy to help keep those dirty barefoot Hobbits from grubbing up the place.

  • KC

    Was just there last month - you can only drink there when you go on the Hobbiton tour, at which point, they serve you a complimentary beer if you are of drinking age.

  • Grue

    Do Hobbits carry ID on adventures?

  • Shhhh! Don't let them hear you using the "A" word!

  • I wonder if they serve orc sized mugs?

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    its basically like every pub everywhere except it has a round door.

  • disqus_ufeKedRgdB

    I mean I get that the movie was shot there but do all new zealanders have a massive hard on for this movie? jesus...

  • SonicAlligator

    Quick now make a Lothlorien I WANT TO DRINK ON GIANT GLOWY LEAVES!

  • Vanessa

    PLEASE. omg id give anything to be in a lothlorien replica world

  • bill

    As long as they take the hobbits to Isengard, I'm in.

  • You are killin it today sir! Also I am not doing body shots off some hairy fucking hobbit girl! Better get some of those hairless Asian waitresses in there and then I'll think about it.

  • PurpleJim8

    Hobbit women only have hairy feet, not hairy bodies.

  • Pssst, Hobbits dont have hairy bodies cause they aren't real haha!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    ain't no asians in middle-earth....hairless elvish waitresses is what you are looking for

  • EWWWWWWW YEAH! Now you're talkin!

  • jaunkst

    Does body shot. Spends 3 hours trying to spit the hair out of mouth.

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