Preserved Dinosaur Foot (Jk Jk Some Old Extinct Bird)

December 17, 2012


This is the preserved foot of a Moa, a large flightless bird native to New Zealand that went extinct around 1500. It looks like a dinosaur foot. That's what I like so much about it. If I had to pick the one thing that I like the most about this foot it's that it looks like a dinosaur's. And dinosaur feet, I'm sure we can all agree, are the sexiest kind of feet. Hobbit feet are low on the sexy scale. Anything considered a paw is a 0. Flippers? Flippers can go either way.

Thanks to Marley, who told me to close my eyes and imagine that thing giving me a back scratch which I did and then passed out in ecstasy.

  • Mr.Mackey M'kay

    Looks like a mutated chicken leg

  • Jess Morettađź’—QueenBitchđź’—

    I would have BBQ'd it

  • how big that bird..???

  • Mark Bunds

    Some science site said it weighed 500 pounds or more...

  • Moas are birds - birds are dinosaurs. That is an avian-dinosaur foot. That's why it looks like a dinosaur foot. It is one.

  • It's a deathclaw hand.

  • Ok people, now we know why we are supposed to die on 12/21...

  • NoobKaboom

    AWWW yea! fuckin moa birds, those niggas was errywhere, clone that shit up now, i wants me a fuckin moa dinner for all the seasons next year

  • Mark Bunds

    Damn! How many pounds of stuffing do you make to fill THAT bird?

  • Cortney A.

    I looked at the picture first then I read the beginning of the title "preserved dinosaur foot" and nearly shat a brick.

  • Shawnee Rotten

    It's a great Eagle of Middle Earth! Proof it really is history!

  • Jim

    It's giving you the bird


    Clone it! Clone it now!

  • Guest

    "the sexist kind of feet"

    dinosaurs were total woman-haters.

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