PEW PEW PEW: Inflatable Minigun Arm Attachment

December 4, 2012


Doubles as a love doll for serious gun nuts, I'm just saying.

This is a $30 (currently on sale for $15) inflatable minigun arm from ThinkGeek. It makes it look like you have a minigun for an arm. No, no it doesn't. It makes it look like you have a pool float for an arm. Still, anything's better than a regular arm. *sawing arm off* "GW -- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I'm sorry, I haven't had my coffee yet -- was this a bad idea? "You really are special needs aren't you?" The state says I'm like, as close as you can get without being able to collect disability.

Hit the jump for a product video of the hand cannon in action.

Thanks to Pyrblaze, who agrees if you're going to attach a gun to your arm it might as well be a megagun.

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