Officially Licensed Game Of Thrones Beer Is Coming

December 20, 2012


Because drinking and watching TV go hand and hand like two best friend on a playground skipping to the swing set, HBO has licensed the rights to make a Game of Thrones beer to the Ommegang brewery in upstate New York. The beer, which will taste like the blood of your enemies, doesn't actually taste like the blood of your enemies (unless your enemies are pils, honey, aroma malts, red wheat, grains of paradise and lemon peel) and is 6.5% alcohol by volume. That seems a little weak for a beer that's supposed to be paying homage to Game of Thrones. A REAL Game of Thrones beer should be brewed with dragon tears and be a minimum of 26% alcohol. "And have teeth in the bottle." TWO SCOOPS OF MOLARS.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who drinks at least six Sierra Nevadas a day sitting around playing Civilization V. "The dream." Some people live it. Not Terry though. No, not Terry.

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